Education My Life Matters | Our Curriculum
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Our Curriculum

At EMLM we aim to achieve our mission through the delivery of whole group programmes as well as individualised academic modules where appropriate.


We cover a range of subjects including English, Math’s and Science across the Key Stage 2 to 4 national curriculum. This is achieved through high quality teaching and personalised tutoring. We ensure learners remain connected to their school of origin so as to maximise for their progress and outcomes.


At EMLM recovery and academic programmes are delivered through blended learning and bespoke learning packages in focused 1 to 1’s, group mentoring sessions, personal development sessions and the delivery of functional skills courses.


Our Mentoring Programme draws on CBT principles and Life-Coaching designed to empower Learners towards increased awareness of the impact of their own thinking and decision-making processes on theirs and the well-being of others.


School times: Breakfast club 8:30am. Lessons 9:00am – 3:00pm

Key Stage 3

– Maths
– English
– Science
– Integrated Humanities
– Citizenship

Key Stage 4

– GCSE Mathematics
– GCSE English
– Functional Skills Numeracy Level 1-3
– Functional Skills Literacy Entry 1-3
– Employability and Personal Development (EPD) City and Guilds
– Support for the learners with other subjects and the referring schools


– One to One or Group Mentoring
– Swimming
– Films and media studies
– Sports
– Strategic workshops around topical issues
– Health and well-being support
– Employability coaching
– Social and emotional therapeutic sessions

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