In this very important subject, learners  will be encouraged to be confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers in a variety of genre.  During the course of the year, they will be given opportunities to express themselves orally in response to literature or topical issues, listen objectively to the points of view of others and respond appropriately, and write fluidly in response to various stimuli.  As they progress, they are expected to show evidence of having built on the oral, reading and writing skills acquired in previously. During the course of the year, pupils will be introduced to pre-twentieth century prose and Shakespeare and will be guided to make appropriate responses. 


In Year 9, learners will begin the preparation for GCSE English, with a more detailed study of one of Shakespeare’s plays, an anthology of poems and a novel or modern play.  Pupils will have an assessment done under controlled conditions, for which they will be amply prepared.  At KS4, learners will embark on a course of study in English Language and Literature, as prescribed in the AQA syllabus. the AQA syllabus.

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